Top three tv cabinets with added storage

When shopping for furniture, it’s always a good idea to opt for items that offer extra storage space as this can help you to keep your rooms looking clutter-free.

Here, we share three tv cabinets with added storage in completely different styles to help you to find the perfect option for your living room.

White retro-style TV cabinet
Homfa White TV Stand with Storage
W140 × D40 × H48 cm
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Boasting retro design and a fresh white colour, the Homfa white TV stand with storage is a stylish addition to any living room. This TV stand has two shelves and two cupboards which make it a great option for those hunting for extra living room storage.

The shelves can be used for holding your gaming consoles or DVD player, whilst the cupboards are ideal for hiding away games, blu-rays, and anything else that you might want stored out of view.

The Homfa white TV stand’s surface is large enough to hold your TV and a couple of decorative objects should you have photos or ornaments that you’d like to show off. Its bench-style shape is ideal for neatly fitting up against your living room wall, and its light wood legs are slanted outwards to give it a 60s vibe.

Rustic, industrial TV stand
Vasagle TV Cabinet with Open Storage
W110 × D40 × H50 cm
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If you like to have knick knacks on display in your living room, you’ll love the Vasagle TV cabinet with open storage. This spacious tv cabinet has two open compartments in the centre, and a taller open section at either side, giving you plenty of space to arrange ornaments, vases, or your favourite books and DVDs.

The two centre spaces are also perfect for holding your gaming consoles or DVD player, making them easy to access whenever you’d like to use them. The Vasagle TV cabinet provides a generous surface for you to place your TV onto, and each leg has an adjustable foot so you can ensure it’s perfectly stable.

Boasting an industrial style look with its dark wood colour and metal legs, the Vasagle TV cabinet will look great in any modern living room.

Illuminated TV Stand
Dripex LED TV Stand
W158 × D35 × H45 cm
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With a high gloss white or black design and an ultra modern LED light display, the Dripex LED TV Stand with drawer is the perfect choice for contemporary homes.

This tv stand has two glass shelves where you can place your gaming consoles or decorative items, and these can be lit up by a blue LED light whenever you desire, giving the cabinet a futuristic look that’s guaranteed to make a statement.

There’s also a central shelf where you could choose to put your DVD player, and this has a spacious drawer beneath it where games, blu-rays, or books could be stored out of sight. The Dripex LED TV Stand is our number one choice for contemporary living rooms.

Ready to add some extra storage to your living room? Choose your favourite tv cabinet with storage and purchase it for your home today.

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