Making the Most of the Space in Small Rooms

Child reading a book

Space is a big issue with a child’s room and often it seems that no room will ever be large enough? Especially when you consider all the furniture you have to fit in as well as their toys, books, drawings, photos etc.

A small room need not always be a disadvantage though. Often children will prefer the feeling of security that a small and compact room can instil. And let’s face it, having a small room might just discourage them from filling it with clutter – well you can only hope!

With furniture, in general, if you can’t spread out then you can at least go up! Tall bookshelves and storage cupboards will save a lot of floor space. Just make sure that you secure the furniture to the wall to prevent it from toppling over.

If you have an awkward space that won’t entertain any standard storage furniture then why not build your own customised solution? Or you can buy modular storage which can be made into any shape to cover any space available.

For bulky items, winter clothing and bedding underbed storage bags are another fantastic idea. You can easily compress a large item into a small package by vacuuming all the excess air out leaving an airtight storage solution that will keep materials free from dust and pests until it’s ready to be used again.

You can also create an illusion of space with a few clever decorating tricks:

  • Striped wallpaper will make a room with a low ceiling look higher but it’s easily overdone. Stripes on all four walls can be counter productive and create a fenced-in feeling so it’s best just to keep it to a feature wall.
  • Light colours will help make a room feel more spacious. Soft green and blue shades will make a small room appear larger.
  • Avoid strong reds and yellows, they’ll make a small room look even smaller.
  • White painted furniture will blend in well and keep the eye moving around the room.
  • Avoid table lamps which take up space and instead use uplighters to bounce light from ceilings and walls.
  • Use spotlights to illuminate each corner of the room to make it appear larger. Vertical lighting can also have great effect in rooms with low ceilings.

Floor surfaces can also have a big impact – avoid dark colours and texture. Plain light colours may not be the most practical for cleaning but will make a small room feel airy and spacious.

A lack of space isn’t always a bad thing. With a bit of planning and imagination you can even turn it to your advantage.