Secure Garden Storage

At this time of year it’s convenient to store stuff like gardening tools and kid’s toys in the back garden. But this also presents an opportunist thief with easy pickings if these valuable items are not safely locked away.

Fitting a clasp and padlock to a wooden garden shed is a simple job – but it may not be enough to keep the thieves at bay?

If you want to keep your belongings secure it may be the case that only a metal storage cabinet will do. Although it need not be an expensive option because you can find some good value secure storage solutions online.

Metal shed with pitched roof
Yardmaster GEYZ
Available from

An all metal storage shed with a pitched roof. The double sliding doors provide easy access and can easily be secured with a padlock. Made from galvanized steel panels with stainless steel fixings this compact and good-looking shed also has a 12 year anti-rust guarantee. Available in a selection of sizes from 6′ x 4′ to 10′ x 13′.

Small metal shed
Yardmaster PEZ
Available from

Made with galvanized steel panels, guaranteed against rust for ten years. Measuring 5′ x 4′ it’s not going to take up a lot of space but is plenty tall enough for stuff like spades, garden rakes and the like.

Outdoor storage chest
Rowlinson Metal Storette
Available from

Another budget choice; at 6′ x 3′ it provides ample storage space for all your gardening tools with double sliding doors at the front and a lifting lid, to provide easy access. Reviews for this product are quite poor though with flimsy construction and difficult assembly cited as the most common complaints.

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