Sah window with a breeze blowing through

Draught Proofing Your Home

Draught proofing your home is an important weapon in the fight to save energy and money. Fortunately it’s not difficult to DIY.

A row of houses with solar panel roofs

Designing a Carbon Neutral Home

Aiming for a carbon neutral home when undertaking a renovation project makes sense on two levels, firstly you will save money on energy bills and secondly you will be contributing far less to the problems we are creating for our planet.

Wall insulation

Insulating Roofs And Walls

Climate change has pushed energy efficiency and insulation to the front of the property news and it makes solid sense to insulate well whether you are renovating fro profit or just improving your home.


Using Eco Friendly Building Materials

As the evidence of climate change becomes too obvious for anyone to argue against the case for building sustainable, energy efficient homes makes itself clearer.

Solar roof panels

Providing Energy For The Home

Climate change is a growing concern and one of the ways that individuals can be sure they are not adding to the problem is to generate the power they require cleanly at home.