Accessible Kitchen Equipment

Doing a property renovation is the ideal time to create a kitchen that everyone can access regardless of disability.


Renovating to Give Access to Upper Floors

Stairlifts, platform lifts and conventional lifts are the main choices for access to upper floors without using stairs but which one will be the right one to install when you’re renovating your property?

accessible bathroom

Making your House Accessible

It’s more common these days for families to embark on renovation projects to enable disabled or elderly members of a family to live in their own home for longer than before.

Disabled bathroom

Plumbing Equipment for Disabled People

Bathrooms and toilets will get a lot of attention if one of the reasons for your home renovation is to improve access for a disabled or elderly member of the family.

Handicapped Parking Sign

Funds to Help Renovate for a Disability

Renovating a house to provide disabled access and facilities can be an expensive job but if you are prepared to wade through the administrative mud you may be able to turn up some sources of funds to help out.