Kid’s 6 Bin Storage

A simple children’s storage idea with over a dozen different themes that will appeal to young kids aged from 18 months to 5 years. These bin storage units consist of an MDF frame and 6 printed fabric storage drawers (or bins) which are slightly tilted to make them more accessible.

There are a selection of designs based on popular cartoon characters as well as general themes based around kid’s interests. And, although I don’t want to be accused of gender-stereotyping, there is an equal choice for boys and girls whatever they are into to.

For the Boys there are Disney themes and generic design units to compliment a themed room …

6 bin storage unit with dinosaur theme graphics
Dinosaurs Kids Bedroom Storage Unit
Features a white frame with a blue trim and 6 pale blue canvas storage bins, complete with dinosaur graphics.
W63.5 × D30 × H60 cm
(available from
Monsters theme storage unit
Monsters Bin Storage
With distinctive graphics depicting a selection of popular characters from the city of Monstropolis. W63.5 × D30 × H60 cm
(available from
Transport themed 6 bin storage unit
Vehicle Bin Storage
This unit is ideal if you don’t want to go down the character themed route but still want to add a sense of fun to his room. The pale blue and green colours are easy to coordinate too.
W63.5 × D30 × H60 cm
(available from

For the girls there are character themes too in addition to a couple of generic feminine designs….

Disney Mini Mouse Storage Bin Set
Minnie Mouse
A colourful set of storage drawers in a Minnie Mouse themed frame. There are two designs available, this ‘Cupcake’ theme and a floral pink ‘Bowtique’.
W63.5 × D30 × H60 cm
(available from

These crayon theme units with 6 storage bins are another popular option, especially with parents of toddlers. The bright colours and easy access 2-tier design make them an ideal choice and they’re especially good value too.

Crayon theme storage unit with green frame
Bebe Style Children’s Sized Units
A simple painted frame with a crayon motif available in pink, blue or green. Each option comes complete with a set of six canvas storage bins in bright, contrasting colours.
W60 × D28 × H48 cm
(available from
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