Portable dehumidifier

Do you need a dehumidifier?

If your rooms are suffering from damp or mould, you might find that a dehumidifier will combat these and create a more ventilated home with a higher level of air quality.

Electric fan

Five ways to keep cool and carry on at home

Warmer months bring days of fun in the sun, but also the challenge of trying to stay cool indoors. Here, we share five ways to keep cool and carry on at home as the temperature rises outside.

Domestic air conditioning unit with window vent kit

A guide to domestic air conditioning

With domestic air conditioning, you can say goodbye to hot, humid bedrooms that cause sleepless nights, and can make your home a much more bearable place to be on warm summer days.

Bedside air purifier

A guide to air purifiers

Air purifiers work to filter the air in a room by removing dust and other particles. Although they aren’t efficient in cooling down a room, they will make the air cleaner and … Read more