Garden Storage Benches

So summer has arrived and the kids are spending all their free time in the garden. But it doesn’t take long before your prized lawn resembles a war zone. And getting kids to tidy up after themselves can be asking the impossible?

These benches with storage space in the base are good idea because you can gather up armfuls of debris and store it all away for the night. Then sit down and relax with a nice cool drink.

They all do pretty much the same thing although there are quite a few different styles and prices. The choice of material will have the biggest influence on price, obviously. You’ll also need to consider whether you want to spend time maintaining your bench with preservative oils and the like. Or you might want to opt for maintenance-free plastic?

Storage compartment
Keter Plastic Storage Bench
Available from

One of the most popular buys at the minute. Made from tough plastic, which means it is maintenance free, and comes with a manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee. The colour is a light beige which ages better than plain white, or you can opt for traditional brown. Dimensions: W140 x D60 x H84 cm. The storage space is W128 x D50 x H38 cm. The capacity is 265 litre – if you’re planning to fill it with water?

Rattan storage bench with timber frame
Alderley Rattan Storage Bench
A solid wood frame and weatherproof synthetic rattan panels makes for a an attractive and practical option with bags of storage in the base.
W120 × D60 × H90 cm
£249.99 plus delivery from

Are These Benches Waterproof?

No bench is 100% waterproof although the plastic benches will obviously fare better in bad weather.

I wouldn’t store anything in these benches overnight if it’s susceptible to water damage. Although investing in a waterproof cover may be an option worth considering?

Looking After Your Storage Bench

Regardless of the type of bench you go for it is a good idea to keep them covered up during bad weather if you can. Since none of them are exactly cheap it makes sense to get as many years use out of your bench as possible?

Plastic, resin or lacquered benches will just need a wipe down now and again. Although keeping them out of direct sunlight will prevent the plastic or paint degrading and losing its colour.

Wooden benches, however, will need more care and should be treated at least once a year with a good quality oil such as Barrettine or Sadolin

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