Elements Bent Ply Storage

A range of curved-form storage furniture crafted from stained plywood, the Elements Bent Ply Storage Furniture collection is guaranteed to add extra character to your home.

Featuring a wall-mounted desk, a hobby trolley storage unit, and a bookcase storage unit, each piece has been designed in the same way which means that you can choose your favourite item or treat yourself to the whole set.

Wall-mounted foldaway desk
Elements Bent Ply Wall Mounted Desk
W60 × D12 × H40 cm
Plywood bookcase
Elements Bent Ply Bookcase Shelving Unit
W81 × D30 × H160 cm

From pieces for your home office to storage items for your living room, the Bent Ply Storage collection has something for everyone. Read more…

The Elements Bent Ply Wall Mounted Desk is the perfect option for those who don’t have space for a classic desk but need somewhere convenient to work or complete admin. It simply needs mounting to the wall and then you can effortlessly pull the desk surface down when you’d like to use it. There’s also a corkboard back which offers space to pin notes and reminders.

Perfect for storing and displaying a variety of items, the Hobby Trolley Storage Unit has a large open storage space and two smaller open storage spaces complete with a generous surface.

The largest piece in the collection is the Habitat Bent Ply Bookcase Storage Unit which has eight open storage sections and can be used to attractively display your favourite decorative pieces and books.

Made from high quality material, the pieces in the Elements Bent Ply Storage Furniture range are just as durable and sturdy as they are functional, and their neutral tone will effortlessly complement any decor scheme.

If you’re looking for storage furniture that looks great and will help you to keep your home neat and tidy, buy your favourite items from the Elements Bent Ply Storage Furniture collection today.

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