Designer recycling bin

Bins & Recycling

The amount of stuff we consume these days has led to exponential growth in the problem of refuse - and what to do with it.

Managing our home waste has never been easier though with a wide choice of solutions that not only make our lives easier but can also keep our living spaces attractive and clutter-free.

Choose from a range of practical but stylish kitchen bins and recycling solutions...

2-section kitchen pull-out bin

Blanco Under Counter Bins

A range of discreet under-counter bins that seemlessly integrate into your kitchen without using up any floor space….

A range of metal peddle recycling bins

John Lewis Recycling Bins

A collection of storage bins with a simple and stylish aesthetic, available in a selection of colours…

2 compartment recycling bin

Top three recycling bins

Recycling is becoming more important than ever as households try to become as green as possible, and there are a number of things that you can do to play your part. One … Read more

Under-sink waste disposal unit

A guide to food waste disposal units

Keeping smelly food waste in the house can lead to lingering odours and attract unwelcome visitors. A food waste disposal unit can eliminate this problem once and for all…

Set of 3 recycling bags

Recycle Bags

Simple colour coded recycling waste bins, available in various designs.

Designer recycling bin

Bo Touch Bin

A range of designer bins with a metal body and soft-touch opening lids. Available with 1, 2 or 3 liners and 8 modern finishes.

Recycling bin with compactor

Titan Trash Compactor

A robust kitchen waste bin with a compacting mechanism so it can hold 3 times more than any unit of a similar size.

Food waste bin

Food Waste Bins

Banish nasty smells and store-away your food waste in one of these purpose-made containers.